WWGB Sponsors free basketball clinics throughout the year. Clinics are free for anyone to participate ages 7 and up.  

Warrington Warwick Girls basketball will once again host Free Basketball skills clinics in August at the outdoor courts at the Warwick Township Building on Meyer Way (1733 Township Green, Jamison, PA 18929).


These clinics are available for all players (intramural and travel). More details will be available as we get closer to the summer.


Outdoor Courts at Meyer Way


What to bring?  A basketball (28.5" girls ball) with your name CLEARLY marked on it. A water bottle with your name CLEARLY marked on it. 


The clinics will focus on age / level appropriate skills such as ball handling, passing, and shooting.  This hour is strictly instructional - no games. It is a great way to prepare for the upcoming season.


Who should attend?  Any player that wants to improve at the game of basketball. Any potential coach that would like to get involved, but is unsure of how to teach the game.  These clinics are a WONDERFUL way to see how to teach using different styles/methods.

See you there!

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