2nd and 3rd Grade League

League Director:  Brian Kraft - bkraft@wwgb.org
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WWGB 7-8 Division


  1. All players play an equal amount of playing time. No exceptions to this rule, ever.
  2. Positions should be equally rotated as well.
  3. Games are four players against four players. We do not keep score.  The coaches should manage any lopsided games.  
  4. Half-Court Defense only.  Defense cannot go above top of the key.
  5. On a steal, rebound or other change of possession, the defensive team must go back to their side of the court.  Any back court defense must result in the offense being allowed to reset with the ball. This will be re-evaluated after several games.
  6. Zone defense for 1st half of season.  Coordinator will send an email when man to man can be implemented.
  7. No double teaming
  8. We will have 8 quarters at 5 minutes each with a running clock.
  9. Please have the court cleared of all players and families before the hour is up
  10. All coaches should have a whistle and are responsible for calling fouls for their team.  If a coach is obviously not calling fouls for their team, the opposing coach will call them and report to me after the game. 
  11. They’re still young and inexperienced.  If a foul occurs, please instruct the girl who committed the foul as to what she did wrong, and then give the ball to the other team.  The courts are small.  Give some leeway to dribbling out of bounds.
  12. On offense, it is important that coaches begin to instruct all players as they make basic mistakes. We want the players to understand fundamentals. This would include walking, double dribbling, etc and that it results in a turnover. Not necessarily in game one but certainly as the season is progressing. This is subjective and will vary player by player and team by team. We will discuss this aspect further.

Brian Kraft (215) 528-7548